Offbeat Creative Link Building Techniques

Link Building tactics within the SEO industry change with the changing competition and changing search engine algorithms. Although tactics may change rules and basic concepts remain the same. Quality of websites from where you are getting your back links plays a big role in your link profile even today as it played 10 years back. A quality link will provide impetus to your business even in future. It’s not only via Guest Blogging or link exchange that you can build a good link there are many other methods that work great to have a great link profile for you within SEO. Few of these link building tactics are mentioned below:

Publishing Executive Biographies

This is a great option to get a few top quality back links for your business. Get your Top Executives listed in industry publications; ask them to participate in industry specific online forums. Make sure you have a link to your business in their standard Bio.

Press Release is not Dead Yet

Press Releases formed the core of the SEO industry at one point of time. Even today if you have the right content, with an eye to place it at the right podium, your press release has an even chance of being picked and placed in the top search results. Make sure to add a line and a link for your company at the bottom.

Ignoring Internal Linking over External is Bad SEO

You need to have a close look at the kind of pages links from your website are pointing internally. You need to give the search engines an idea about the most important pages on your website. Make sure you have all the important pages updated for the search engines and the visitors.

Earning Links from Job Portals

Every time you advertise a vacant position on a job portal make sure you have that position live on your website. Have a link of your website on the job portal since many people will use Monster and Career Builder check and apply for vacant positions.  You are earning direct and referral traffic via this technique.

There are many other techniques that can be utilized to generate high quality back links from authority websites and businesses from your industry or from some other industries that provide a support system to your industry. Linking to local Chambers of Commerce, publishing case studies, industry data are the latest trends in the SEO industry that are gaining a good deal of traffic and links to businesses.