Local SEO and Pigeon Update

SEO short for (Search Engine Optimization) has been growing at a rapid pace, and with it’s growth there have been many updates in the internet world. Changes that affect the rankings on Search engines like Google, Pigeon update is one that Google has released, it was released July 24th. It is a new algorithm to provide a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results more closely to traditional web search rankings. It has impacted some local businesses, some good an increase in rankings and some not so good with a decrease in local rankings. Reading from Search Engine Land we found that the pigeon update is not an improvement in the search rankings.That the quality of traffic that Google sends is down, pigeon does nothing to affect the quality of your traffic you just get less. SEO experts are trying to learn and waiting for more info from Google on how and what it is suppose to do. Google stated that this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters.For my research with current clients I found that it did not affect most of my client’s but there were a couple that were affected. 1 slightly where his rankings fell a little and the other one where he completely disappeared off the local rankings. There has been a reduction in 7-packs that show in local search engines, and an increase in 3-packs, the search radius has been reduced for most local queries. We will continue to do all our SEO in the same manner nothing has changed there. We will concentrate on creating great content and making each site the best for users. We will optimize the site for Important keywords. continue to work social media to gain more business. Collect positive reviews as they will always help your ranking. SEO is still the number 1 way of being found through local maps and organically the fundamentals of SEO will continue to help a business grow. Stay on top of all the changes and updates that Google throws out there and for the most part it will help your business being found.