Buying Twitter Followers – Is it an Intelligent Decision

If you are a business owner and have been promoting your products and services on twitter there are ample of chances of you receiving a direct message telling you how someone out there can increase the number of followers from a few hundred to thousands of followers; of course for a few dollars. Many business owners will buy the plan in an attempt to increase their fan following. Yes the fan following does increase however the real thing that needs to be gauged here is the increase in the ROI of the business. For the records 1 in 10 twitter accounts is fake and what you have just bought is phony twitter followers.

Knowing your product inside out pays on Twitter

While pushing your product or service on twitter you need to have complete information about your product or service, the areas where you can provide your service, the location and web browsing habits of your target audience. As a Social Media Marketer this information is going to help you in pushing your product or service on twitter more effectively.

Preference for Quality than Quantity pays

The number of twitter followers can be increased to millions over a period of time. Will this increase in the number of followers increase sales? Will the increase in number of followers increase brand recognition? If the answer is no then you surely are wasting money and time in buying twitter followers.

Another scenario – You are able to increase the number of followers just four times over a period of six months and the number of followers you have (after the increase) is a mere 1400 still you are able to double your sales as compared to the last financial year. As a business owner/ Social media marketer it is upto you to decide what you are going to prefer Quality or Quantity?

buying-twitter-followers - Is it an Intelligent Decision


Following on twitter according to your business vertical

For organizations catering to B2B it is important not to have any fake twitter accounts in the profile since they send a bad impression. The best method is to follow and get followers from your own niche or maybe from related niches that act as a support system for your niche or are related to your industry in any way.

Reaching genuine people should be the motive on twitter

When you are on twitter your focus should be on reaching people who would love to hear from you rather than reaching out to people who either don’t exist or are least interested in what you are doing. Make sure to connect with each twitter handle personally so that you are aware if the handle is fake or genuine. Yes it is going to take a bit more time but the time you invest will be rewarded with a good increase in your ROI and an increase in the brand value among people who really matter for your business.

Fake Followers will just be a burden

Fake followers will always be a burden since people on twitter can spot the difference between a fake and a genuine account. You may be given an impression of being re-tweeted thousands of times with these fake accounts but the re-tweets are made to fake followers. You are happy that a few tweets from you received thousands of re-tweets and the same number of favorites but in reality these re-tweets and favorites are circulating in a closed loop which of course is not going to add anything substantial to your business.

Do not buy rather focus on developing on Twitter

Being into wordpress development specifically e-signatures for the past 10 years I have been promoting quite a few of my WordPress plugins via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ however getting a few fake twitter followers to increase my fan following has never been a part of my promotional strategy. I would rather sit or make one of my developers sit to reach out to people who really need our products and services, interact with my followers real time and provide them individual custom made solutions. For me twitter is not about increasing followers it is all about reaching, connecting and developing a relation with your customers for mutual benefit.